About Us

About The University

The American International university empowers students in their pursuit of learning, discovery, leadership and engagement. The American International university is primarily serving the students around the globe providing education on general studies with commitment to education and research. AIU providing education to students through distance and continuing modes thus affiliating with the prestigious Universities collaborating with those high-end academic courses leading to short term, under- graduate, Post-Graduate and Doctoral research programs through part time and full time means of learning.

The American International university is a group of ten public institutions of higher learning in USA that share common goals and are governed by a Board of Regents.

The American International university is an equal opportunity educational institution open to all irrespective of any gender, sexual considerations, citizenship, States, race and class or educational level. American International University is adhering all laws and legal concerns admitting all variables of local, national and international regulations.

Furthermore the American International university is dedicated to promote integrity and respect in the area of education along with changing educational progress to assist the students to fit into the benefits of knowledge, research and wisdom.